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Watercraft Registration Renewal System

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Arizona law requires that all motorized watercraft operating on Arizona waters must be registered in the State with the following exceptions:

  • Foreign watercraft temporarily using the waterways of the State
  • Military or public vessels of the United States except for recreational type public vessels
  • Watercraft used solely as lifeboats
  • Undocumented watercraft operating under temporary certificate issued pursuant to rules adopted by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission (primarily powerboat regattas)
  • Non-residents may temporarily operate on Arizona waterways with their home state registration for up to 90 days per year without re-registering the watercraft in Arizona or paying the Arizona Boating Safety Infrastructure Fee.
  • A non-resident owner of a recreational watercraft who registers a watercraft in Arizona as the state of principle operation is required by law to pay the Arizona Boat Safety Infrastructure Fee before placing the watercraft on Arizona waterways. The owner of such watercraft must carry and display proof of payment of the Arizona Boat Safety Infrastructure Fee while the watercraft is underway, moored or anchored on Arizona waterways. A.R.S §5-326; 5-327. Proof of payment is shown on the watercraft registration or decal.
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Arizona State Seal

To access your watercraft records, you will need:

The Watercraft Number (e.g. AZ####CB...four numbers followed by one or two letters):

AND one of the following

The BIRTH DATE of the first-named owner or the TRUST DATE for Trusts,


Your Password (if you have established one; it is STRONGLY SUGGESTED to use this method and save/retain your password in a secure, discoverable location)

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